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2Gether4Victims project kicks off with the aim to enhance support for victims of gender-based violence

By July 26, 2023News, Top Story

Léa Meindre-Chautrand
Senior Policy Officer, VSE

25 Jul 2023 11:01

VSE Project News

Partners of the 2Gether4Victims project met for a first in-person partner meeting in Brussels on 12 and 13 July 2023. The project aims to improve support services for victims of gender-based violence (GBV) and domestic violence (DV). This ambitious endeavour brings together 11 partners from 7 countries, united in their mission to coordinate and harmonise generic and specialist support services, while implementing a gendered approach to meet the unique needs of victims.

2Gether4Victims project background

Commencing in April 2023, the 2Gether4Victims project, funded by the CERV program of the European Commission, will span a duration of 36 months. By combining their expertise, the partnership aims to enhance the provision of victim support services and establish an improved system for assessing individual needs among victims of GBV/DV.

At the core of this collaborative effort is the exploration of gendered support services for victims of domestic violence. Through an evidence-based analysis, the project intends to shed light on how generic and specialist victim support services can effectively collaborate to address the diverse needs of GBV/DV victims across the European Union.

One of the primary objectives of the project is to identify existing gaps in the response to GBV victims. By pinpointing these shortcomings, the partners strive to uncover best practices in both generic and specialist support services. Ultimately, this research will culminate in a tailored, comprehensive, and victim-centric response to victims of GBV.

Kick-off meeting

In a significant milestone, the partners of the 2Gether4Victims project convened in Brussels on July 12th and 13th for their first in-person meeting. During this fruitful gathering, the partners engaged in discussions concerning project activities, deliverables, and the establishment of a detailed timeline.

The meeting witnessed the active participation of all partner organisations, namely Victim Support Europe (VSE), Associacao Portuguesa De Apoio A Vitima (APAV), Feministas Em Movimento Associacao (FEM), Udruga Za Podršku Žrtvama I Svjedocima (VWSSC), Zenska Soba Centar Za Seksualna Prava (Women’s Room), Viesoji Istaiga Vilniaus Pazangiu Studiju Institutas (VILIAS), Viesoji Istaiga Klaipedos Socialines Ir Psichologines Pagalbos Centras (KSPSC), Mykolo Romerio Universitetas (MRU), Andavi – France Victimes 58, Association For The Prevention And Handling Of Violence In The Family (APHVF/SPAVO), Slachtofferhulp Nederland (SHN).

Visiting CAW Oost Flanders in Ghent

As part of the kick-off meeting, the project partners visited VSE member CAW Oost Flanders in Ghent on July 13th. During the visit, the dedicated staff members of CAW provided an insightful presentation, shedding light on their vital work in supporting victims of domestic violence through individual counselling sessions and couples counselling.

Looking ahead, the partners are preparing for the next phase of the project. Starting in September, they will initiate research activities encompassing comprehensive desk research, interviews, and focus groups. These activities will adhere to the research methodology developed by project partner Mykolo Romerio Universitetas (MRU).

The 2Gether4Victims project carries the promise of transformative change in the lives of victims of gender-based violence. By fostering collaboration, identifying gaps, and proposing tailored support services, this international partnership strives to create a safer and more inclusive society for all, ensuring that victims of GBV receive the assistance they deserve.

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