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AREV project: training sessions “How can a medical doctor help a victim of violence?”

By May 20, 2022June 13th, 2022News
As part of the AREV project, training sessions “How can a medical doctor help a victim of violence?” were held in Toila and Narva-Jõesuu in Estonia for medical professionals, during which the tools for documenting the injury of a victim of violence and risk assessment of intimate partner violence were introduced, as well as different ways to support patients in the system of assisting victims.

📌 The idea of developing a victim support guide for health care providers and hospital-based codes of practice for victim support was presented.
📌 Strengthened cooperation channels in the community with other victim support organisations such as children’s shelters, women’s support centres.
💙 Excellent victim support workers, children’s shelters and child protection workers from the Viru region answered questions, gave explanations and distributed information materials at each training area.
✅ A total of nearly 150 health professionals and medics attended the three training sessions.
✅ 15 experts from the Victim Support Service of the Social Insurance Board, the Estonian Forensic Institute, the Viru District Prosecutor’s Office, the Ministry of Justice, the Central Hospital of the University of Helsinki and clinical psychologists participated as trainers.
✅ Victim support workers in the Eastern region, forensic doctors, the prosecutor’s office are and will continue to be direct contacts for the medics.

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