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Autumn 2019 Update from White Circle Croatia

By October 18, 2019February 1st, 2021News

In January, we started implementing the „Youth Activism Project“ which aims to engage young people and encourage volunteerism. The first o 6 workshops with the most current topics was held.

On February 4th, Office manager Mariana Crnogorac has participated the „Hate crime and hate speach“ seminar in the organization of the Judicial Academy and Office for Human Rights and Rights of National minorities.

14th and 15th of February, a kick off meeting with APAV was held via Skype, regarding the european project PROVICTIMS- the role of public prosecution in the promotion of victims rights. The duration of the project will be 24 months. Partners from Ireland, Spaine, Portugal and Croatia are participating in the project.

On February 19th , we organized round table the „ Importance and influence of implementation of protection measure of psychosocial treatment for perpetrators of domestic violence“. The goal of the meeting was to promote the importance of this protection measure.

From March 10th to 12th we participated the Executive Bord meeting od VSE in Brussels.

On April 4th, Our volunteers have participated the „Positive side of volunteering“ National conference in Zagreb, Croatia

On April 11th and 12th, our office manager successfully mastered a mediation seminar that aims to resolve conflicts peacefully. Mediation is one of the forms that restorative justice seeks.

On April 17th, the Human Rights Report was presented by the Human Rights House Zagreb and the Most Association. We contributed to the drafting od the report and attended the conference. The Human Rights Report is a document produced by reseaech in the whole Republic of Croatia.

On April 26th, we attended an implementation workshop regarding the „School for life“ EU project.This is our first EU project in which we are the project leaders. The goal of the project is to support the social inclusion of marginalized groups by conducting reeducation for desirable occupations on the labor market. So far the interest of the people is quite high and we are very excited to provide such sevice and to carry out this project with the utmost care.

On May 10th, our President Livija Plančić has sent a press release .

From May 20 to 22, we attended the National Meeting and the Regional Conference organized by the VSE and the Victims and Witness Support Association. Last year we hosted the first event. Regional Conference gathered Victim support organizations in South-East Europe. Topics of Regional Conference were importance of regional cooperation, victim support practices in the region, also the presentation of ongoing projects by the participants and the future cooperation, funding opportuinities etc.

On May 24, a One-Day Cross-Sectoral Training on the Problem of Violence Against Women and Femicide was held as part of the project Building more effective ptotection. The training was attended by President Livija Plančić and Office manager Mariana Crnogorac. We have established new cooperative relationship that will be important for the future work of the association.

On June 17th, our President Livija Plančić has sent a press release.

On July 2, an Initial Working Meeting was held regarding the School of Life project. Partners from Vukovar, Omiš and Split met at the meeting. Further direction of activity was determined.

On July 12th, Double cooperation agreement signed between White circle Croatia and a Croatian Employers’ Association affiliates in Dalmatia.

Starting 2nd September our team is extended by new psychosocial advisor, psychologist Paula Herceg. Welcome Dear Paula in our team.

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