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Call for Consulting Services: Overview of existing victim support services in Serbia

By December 16, 2016February 1st, 2021News

Victim Support Europe seeks to employ the services of an organization or individual for the implementation of research to map victim support services in Serbia. The outcome of interest includes a detailed mapping of victim support organisations in Serbia, organisational fiches per organisation, a database for an online map and a workshop for victim support organisations.
The consultant will undertake the following research activities:
Desk review on victim support organisations in Serbia;

  1. Support in designing a questionnaire for victim support organisations that include questions on services they provide; basic organisational structure/ staff/ volunteers; Contact details and address; Referral mechanisms; location and geographical scope of their services; victims they support.
  2. Use a range of methods and tools to identify and obtain information on all victim support service providers in Serbia, in particular by:
    1. Implementing and managing an online questionnaire to victim support services and institutions offering support to victims of crime in the whole of Serbia;
    2. Implementing and managing semi-structured interviews with organisations and institutions who can’t respond to an online questionnaire through live of phone interviews.
  3. Development of database of organisations and institutions providing support to victims in Serbia

The research activities should allow an overview of existing support services for victims in crime in Serbia. Methods should be quantitative, qualitative, rigorous and detailed.
For each of the activities above, the selected organization or individual will be required to provide the following services, under the guidance and to the satisfaction of the World Bank:

  1. Support design of the survey, including questionnaire design and sampling;
  2. Conduct pilot(s), consult with stakeholders and refine the approach;
  3. Undertake data collection, data entry, quality control and cleaning,
  4. Prepare overview and organisational fiches of victim support services in Serbia;
  5. Prepare a report including summary analysis, and incorporate feedback from the Bank and stakeholders; and
  6. Prepare and participate in promotion and outreach activities to disseminate the results including a workshop for victim support organisations.


  1. Demonstrated experience in implementing large surveys, including planning and organizing survey logistics using online and offline formats and in tight timeframes;
  2. Demonstrated experience in collecting high-quality data from services and organisations throughout Serbia;
  3. Strong understanding of victim support services in Serbia and implications for survey design and implementation.  Demonstrated capacity to reach victim support services by working with own existing network, governmental structures and institutions, victim support professionals. Previous experience in implementing surveys to collect data and mapping of victim support services is preferred;
  4. Demonstrated experience in victimological research;
  5. Demonstrated capacity in data management and strong systems for quality control;
  6. Demonstrated capacity to translate surveys, and analysis;
  7. Demonstrated experience in dissemination of materials into languages spoken in the Western Balkans;
  8. Demonstrated capacity to write publishable quality reports in English and Serbian;
  9. Demonstrated capacity to present finding during workshop.

Organisations or individuals should provide information indicating how they meet the required qualifications and relevant experience to perform these services, including information regarding similar assignments, presentations, experience in similar conditions, availability of appropriate skills among staff, capacity to implement surveys in a limited time frame, writing report, analysis of data according to academic standards, expertise in general victimology, knowledge and experience in victim support services as well as suggestions and ideas for undertaking the activities outlined above.
Organisations or individuals should not include within their teams any person who is currently an individual consultant to the World Bank.
The deliverables will include the following:

  1. Desk review
  2. Survey design, methodology & questionnaires;
  3. Data sets;
  4. Organisational fiches and short report in publishable quality English with charts/tables, incorporating feedback from the task team;
  5. Final report;
  6. Promotional materials (social media posts, presentations, draft press releases etc.) and participation in workshop for victim support services in Serbia.

It is expected that work will commence in early 2017.  The final report should be available by end of February 2017.
The consultant will report to the Victim Support Team Leader, Mr. Levent Altan and other Victim Support Europe Team members.
The maximum budget for this activity is 12,750 €.  Organisations or individuals should bear this in mind when submitting a proposal and in developing technical and financial proposals
All interested subjects should send their technical and financial proposals vie email to: no later than 31st December 2016.

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