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Congratulations to Our New Associate Member – FEVR!

Congratulations to our new member, Fevr – European Federation of Road Traffic Victims, for joining our victim support family.

Road accidents are a never-ending drama. They are the leading cause of mortality among young people in industrialised countries. In other words, they are a health emergency to which governments must find a response, and all the more so because they know what the remedies are: prevention, deterrence and making the automobile industry face up to its responsibilities.

We look forward to working together with FEVR to advance the rights of victims of road traffic crimes in the EU and beyond.
The European Federation of Road Traffic Victims (FEVR) is a non-governmental organisation that provides emotional, social and juridical assistance to road traffic victims or/and their relatives and supports organisations in many countries to achieve this aim.

FEVR was formally founded in Geneva on 6th of July 1991, by Professor Marcel HAEGI with the objectives to promote assistance to road victims at international level in Europe, work for prevention of crashes and strengthen contacts and collaboration between road victim associations from the various countries.

Many of those organisations have been set up by victims themselves when they experienced that no help was available to people whose close relatives were killed or injured in a road crash or who have been injured themselves.

FEVR wants to see the situation of road crash victims improved. It champions their rights, represents their voice and campaigns for legislative improvements – at relevant United Nations working parties, at meetings, conferences and seminars of relevant Institutions and Bodies, through consultations, statements, contributions to articles and through many other means.

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