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Fruitful ‘CHAT for victims’ project meeting in Budapest

By April 18, 2023April 20th, 2023News, Top Story

On the 1st – 3rd of March, partners of the CHAT for victims’  project, including Victim Support Europe, met in Budapest for a regular gathering organised  by Validity Foundation.

The three-day meeting saw all partners share their contributions on their specific work packages so far – the implementation of the project and project activities.

Additionally, the participants had a training managed by ‘Validity Foundation’ on how to conduct focus groups and interviews with PWDs.

The CHAT for victims project was developed with the objective to improve access to information and support for persons with disabilities who are victims of crime. The project will achieve this goal by developing a live-chat service adapted to the communication needs of persons with disabilities, with emphasis on persons with voice, hearing, intellectual and psychosocial impairments/disabilities.

Activities will include research on communication needs of persons with disabilities and on solutions and good practices for developing a live-chat service adapted to these needs; development of training programmes for support providers and capacity building; and awareness-raising activities.

The project is coordinated is Victim and Witness Support Service Croatia.

For more information about the project, please visit the project page.

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