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RETE DAFNE ITALIA launches a strategy to establish victims support services in 76 Italian provinces and in 10 metropolitan cities

On 10 and 11 June 2022, Rete Dafne Italia held its annual meeting which was of particular importantance: the organisation launched a strategy to expand its network in order to establish victims support services in all 76 Italian provinces and in the 10 metropolitan cities.

Rete Dafne Italia, established in 2018, brings together 18 members represented by Associations, Cooperatives, Local Administrations and Universities.

In these four years, victim support services have been created and implemented in 12 Italian cities throughout Italy: Turin, Asti, Cuneo, Mantua, Verona, Florence, Pistoia, Siena, Sassari, Cagliari, Naples and Bari.

Rete Dafne Italia is the only NGO that is part of an Institutional Coordination Board- headed by the Ministry of Justice- with the aim of creating a nationwide generic victim support service.
Thanks to the efforts and pressure of Rete Dafne Italia, from 2020 the State Budget Laws ensures the financing of generic victim support services every year.

The public funding of € 2,000,000 for the whole national territory is disbursed on the basis of calls for proposals at regional level. Currently, services for victims of gender-based and domestic violence have a completely separate management.

Victim Support Europe’s team looks forward to support Rete Dafne Italia during this important and challenging journey!

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