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SUMMER NEWS from Croatia: A Pilot Project for Establishing a Referral System for Victims of Crime

The Ministry of Justice and Public Administration, the Ministry of the Interior and Victim and Witness Support Service Croatia signed an Agreement on Cooperation in Implementing a Pilot Project for Establishing a System for Referral of Victims of Crime to the Association Victim and Witness Support Service Croatia / National Call Center for Victims of Crime 116 006.

With the signing of this Agreement in February, the pilot project was launched to provide an advanced system of referral of victims to support services. Except being informed about available support services in written form by the police, as a part of notification to the victim about their rights, the implementation of this pilot project will ensure that the victim is proactively contacted by the support service and provided with the necessary support and assistance from the moment of reporting the crime, in a form of OPT IN referral system.

After reporting the crime to the police, if the victim agrees, the staff of the National Call Center for Victims of Crime 116 006 will contact the victim, within 48 hours. Victims will be provided with information about their rights, emotional support, practical information and referral to institutions and civil society organizations that provide other forms of assistance and support.

A pilot project is being implemented during 2022 in cooperation with the Koprivnica-Križevci County Police Administration and the Zagreb County Police Administration, VII. Zagreb Police Station.

The results and knowledge gained from the activities carried out during the pilot project will be the basis for further planning of the development of advanced referral system, in order to ensure timely assistance and support.

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