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Short update from The Czech Republic

By October 1, 2017February 1st, 2021News, News from members

New volunteers
In the beginning of October Bílý kruh bezpečí started an annual internal training for new volunteers. This year they welcomed 50 new volunteers (lawyers, psychologist, social workers and the university students).
A surprisingly successful campaign on Facebook
During summer holidays Bílý kruh bezpečí ran a successful campaign on Facebook. The campaign focused on youngsters (age group 15 – 20). Their external PR agency prepared 21 slides plus an animated video. There were two main aims of the campaign: to promote the helpline 116 006 and to bring an attention to victims of rape. The campaign nicely surprised  with high numbers of interactions. It also showed that people are not afraid to speak openly about their problems in social media and that there is a need for edification. Bílý kruh bezpečí were happy to receive mostly the positive feedback as well as hundreds of new fans.
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