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The Center for Crime Prevention in Lithuania organise DEMISTIFY Festival

By July 20, 2021News

Have you ever dreamt about snooping around in the dark side of the world? Where all the secrets are hidden, mysteries buried and fears lurked. Come and join us, we can do it together!  

Thrillers and crime fiction have become the world’s leading choice in genre for books, movies and even theatre. We capitalize on this fact to attract variety of people to participate in festival DEMISTIFY which will concentrate on open-air edutainment activities in the field of victims’ rights.  

We believe that amplitude of experiential activities provided by the Center for Crime Prevention in Lithuania, Vilnius University Faculty of Philosophy Department of Criminology, and other partners will benefit us all. With these activities we plan to empower both professionals and everyday people to step in the right direction to ensure proper emotional support, to refer them to victim support organizations and law enforcement agencies, and what is the most important – to get an insight about what it means to be a victim. The event organization is led by Center for Crime Prevention in Lithuania team, most of whom are first generation VU criminologists who have recently graduated. 

The festival will be held at Kalvarija, one of the smallest municipalities of Lithuania, which, looking back a century, used to be the 3rd biggest town in Lithuania. The Center for Crime Prevention in Lithuania and Vilnius University believe that knowledge will reach those who need it and should not be kept as a secret in university auditoriums or meeting rooms of ministries.  

We are also very happy about the active involvement of the local community. We believe that in every local community in Europe it is possible to find open-minded people who are willing to support new ideas. To find them, you simply have to ask around. And these communities, no matter how small or far out into the periphery, can make a difference. We are sharing a photo that has been taken in the abandoned Synagogue in Kalvarija. It is fascinating because the community has taken upon themselves to sustain and even to renovate bits and pieces of the Synagogue without any involvement of local or state institutions.  

Join us if you dare! When? August 13-15, 2021. Where?  

For more info check out the website: 

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