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VSE Welcomes the First EU Strategy on Victims’ Rights

By June 25, 2020News

We welcome the first EU Strategy on Victims’ Rights 2020-2025, published by the European Commission yesterday. The Strategy  highlights two ambitious objectives: empowering victims of crime and working together for victims’ rights.

The Strategy is strongly inclusive of all victims of crime and at the same time puts emphasis on the most vulnerable victims, such as victims of gender-based violence, child victims, victims with disabilities, elderly victims, victims of hate crime, victims of terrorism or victims of trafficking in human beings, for whom it is particularly challenging to go through criminal proceedings and to deal with the aftermath of crime.

We look forward to working together with the European Commission on setting out specific measures that will ensure the realities of all crime victims are fully taken into account and the proposed principles put into practice; reality checks and close monitoring of the implementation of the strategy will be essential to make a positive and sustainable impact.

Read the first ever EU Strategy on Victims’ Rights.
See the Factsheet: EU Strategy on Victims’ Rights.

About ‘One Voice One Cause’ campaign

Following the adoption of the new EU Victims’ Rights Strategy, VSE’s communications plan foresees the information campaign One Voice One Cause, which will take place in July – November 2020.

The campaign aims at explaining the new EU Strategy on victims’ rights and how to make the proposed measures work in practice in order to support the development of victim support services around the EU.

Stay tuned to learn more about campaign in the days to come.

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