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Webinar EU Victims’ Rights Strategy – Everything You Need To Know

By July 24, 2020Conferences, News

The Online Webinar ‘The EU Victims’ Rights Strategy: the future of EU action for victims of crime’  held on July 7 is one in a series of VSE’s ‘One Voice One Cause’ campaign actions that aim at explaining how to make the proposed EU Strategy measures work in practice.

The meeting was organised by Saskia Bricmont (MEP, Greens/EFA) and Victim Support Europe immediately after the publication of the Strategy by the European Commission.

Over hundred NGOs from around Europe attended the webinar. EU Commissioner for Justice Didier Reynders’s participation was a key factor that encouraged other leaders in the victim support field to participate.

The webinar plays an important role, the commitments made at the meeting will be key to future actions, as well as identification of precise roles and responsibilities, not only for the European Commission but also for Member States and civil society.

The webinar summary we publish today is a compilation of salient points and essential commitments made by the Commissioner Reynders as well as the opinions of the speakers, all experts in the field of victims’ rights, on the benefits of this Strategy for improving victims’ rights across the EU in the years to come.

The summary of the webinar and the video recording are intended to provide you with a practical and concise tool to follow-up on the efforts and actions of the Commission and other stakeholders.

It was agreed that VSE’s 30 years of expertise in victim support and its extensive network that includes 60 member victim support organisations from 30 countries can be beneficial to the realisation of the EU Victims’ Rights Strategy.

The meeting was paramount for VSE and its members to explore how we can practically support the Victims’ Rights Strategy agenda and to exchange ideas that will hopefully turn into real achievements in the near future!


➡️  The summary of the Webinar. 
🎥 The video recording of the Webinar is available on VSE’s YouTube channel.’
🎥 The video recording of the presentation of EU Commissioner for Justice Didier Reynders at the Webinar is available on VSE’s YouTube channel.
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