AVT – Asociación Víctimas del Terrorismo

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The Association of Victims of Terrorism is an assistance organization that was established in 1981 to support those affected by terrorist barbarity.

The members of the AVT, more than 4,800, are direct victims of terrorism, understood as those who have been injured and survived the attacks; or widows in the case of the murder of a spouse, children of the deceased or the closest relative in the case of the victim being single: parents, siblings, etc.

Furthermore, given the public interest nature of the Association, it is its duty to respond to all those people who are affected by terrorism, such as those who have been threatened and all those who have not received compensation despite being directly affected by terrorist violence.

The purposes of the AVT include the following:

  • Unite families who are victims of terrorism to collectively claim their rights and demand justice.
  • Provide the necessary assistance, whether moral or material, to anyone who needs it and who has been a victim, either himself or one of his family members, of terrorist action in any of its forms or manifestations.
  •  Collaborate and cooperate with activities that benefit victims of terrorism.
  • Hold public events, seminars, conferences and other activities permitted by law that contribute to fostering a spirit of solidarity towards victims of terrorism.
  • Appear and attend judicial proceedings that arise in connection with terrorist actions.
  • Raise awareness in society against terrorist crimes.

Each of the departments that make up the AVT works on developing all those interventions and projects aimed at improving the physical, mental and social well-being of people who have suffered terrorist violence, whether or not they are associated with the organization, given its public utility nature.


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