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CHAT for Victims: Madrid Training

By October 17, 2023October 19th, 2023News, Top Story
Dylan Power
Tuesday 17 Oct 2023 12:00

On 26th – 29th September, partners from the CHAT for Victims project met in Madrid (Spain) for a 2-day training and field visits. The training, developed and led by Victim Support Europe, focused on effective communication with victims with disabilities, through:

  • Awareness and understanding of disabilities
  • Vulnerabilities to crime for persons with disabilities
  • Empathy and effective communication
  • Remote care

The objective of the ‘CHAT for Victims’ project is to enhance support and access to information for persons with disabilities who are victims of crime. The project will achieve this through the development of a live-chat service which caters to their communication needs, with a particular focus on voice, hearing, intellectual and psychosocial disabilities.

The training supported project partners in implementing the live-chat service developed through the project, which aims to provide information and support in a manner adapted to the needs of victims with disabilities. After the training, partners met with professionals from A la Par Foundation to discuss ‘Access to justice for people with intellectual disabilities’ and visited the services of the Spanish 016 helpline, providing remote information and support to women victims of gender-based violence, and of the CNSE – the National Confederation of Deaf Persons.

For more information on CHAT for Victims, visit our project page.

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