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Anna Bracco

Project Officer

Anna joins VSE in June 2024 and she is  responsible for the implementation of two EU funded regional projects on gender-based violence and strategic litigation for people with disabilities, respectively. She will also contribute to the development of new project proposals.

Anna is a qualified and enthusiastic advocate of human rights with a special focus on children’s rights. She holds an LL.M. in International Children’s Rights from Leiden University and has worked in a number of NGOs in Mexico, Chile and Czech Republic on topics ranging from AIDS/HIV and alternative care to migration. In 2020, she joined the Council of Europe Children’s Rights Division in Strasbourg where she worked as a Policy Officer supporting the intergovernmental work of the Steering Committee for the Rights of the Child. She was then promoted to Project Officer managing several EU funded regional and country-specific projects on children in conflict with the law, child victims of sexual abuse and exploitation, as well as on child participation.

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