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Round Table Meeting "A multi-disciplinary approach to implementing victims' rights and services in Greece"

By November 20, 2018February 1st, 2021News
Athens, 20 November 2018

Victim Support Europe in collaboration with the European Public Law Organisation, the European Anti-Violence Network, the Centre for the Study and Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect, the Smile of the Child and Panteion University are holding a multi-stakeholder meeting exploring how the State and NGOs can work together to improve the situation of victims of crime in Greece.

Round Table Meeting “A multi-disciplinary approach to implementing victims’ rights and services in Greece”

In 2012, Greece along with 26 other Member States of the European Union supported the adoption of a new Directive on minimum standards for Victims of Crime. That Directive came into force in 2015. Taking that Directive into account, in Greece today, victims of crime should have access to support anywhere in the country, they should be provided with adequate information on reporting a crime and about proceedings, and they should be properly protected from further victimisation and secondary victimisation.

João Lázaro, President of Victim Support Europe and President of Victim Support Portugal (APAV)

Recognising both the urgency for action and the value in co-operation, the participants use this meeting to explore the key priorities for victims in Greece. What are the main challenges, what practices are working already and what could be introduced in the future? The main goal is to strengthen the networks and establish new commitments to work together to improve the lives of victims.

Marina Chrysoveloni, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Interior of Greece


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