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Two New Member Organisations Join Victim Support Europe

Dylan Power

10 July 2024

We are very pleased to welcome the following two new organisations to our network: Asociación Víctimas del Terrorismo (Spain) and Accompaniment Support Services for Children (Ireland). As of today, VSE now represents 80 members in over 35 countries. 

VSE membership gives organisations unparalleled access not only to our in-house expertise but also to other network members, and to the EU institutions and international organisations with whom we collaborate and whose representatives regularly speak at our events.

Asociación Víctimas del Terrorismo

The Association of Victims of Terrorism is an assistance organization that was established in 1981 to support those affected by terrorist barbarity.

The members of the AVT, more than 4,800, are direct victims of terrorism, understood as those who have been injured and survived the attacks; or widows in the case of the murder of a spouse, children of the deceased or the closest relative in the case of the victim being single: parents, siblings, etc.

Furthermore, given the public interest nature of the Association, it is its duty to respond to all those people who are affected by terrorism, such as those who have been threatened and all those who have not received compensation despite being directly affected by terrorist violence.

Accompaniment Support Services for Children

Accompaniment Support Service for Children (A.S.S.C.) was set up in 2020 to address the needs of young people as they negotiate their way through the Criminal Justice System. Their service provides accompaniment and advocacy for young people and their families at different stages through the justice system. With support, they help ensure that this happens without re-traumatisation or re-victimisation and that young people are treated with compassion and dignity.

A.S.S.C. was set up as there was no dedicated service for children during what is often a stressful and overwhelming experience for young people and victim support is a right under both Irish and EU legislation. ASSC are the only organisation in Ireland committed to safeguarding children during criminal proceedings, adhering to the guidelines of the Children’s First Act 2015.

A.S.S.C. is a not-for-profit charity and is governed by a voluntary Board of Trustees. The day-to-day running of the organisation is conducted by two Senior Directors. The founding members of A.S.S.C. are Grace Jordan, Eve Farrelly & Lynette Bradshaw.

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