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VSE’s Interactive Map of Victim Support Services Gets a Makeover!

By June 27, 2024News, Top Story
Dylan Power
Thursday, 27 June 2024

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our revamped online map of support services, designed to provide even greater assistance to those in need. The map provides information about all VSE members and is accessible on both mobile and desktop devices.

It is part of VSE’s drive to improve contact between members of the public and victim support services. The interactive map allows users to find a victim support organisation near them and click to find the telephone number, the email address, the website, and information about the types of victims supported by each organisation.

Larisa Spahić from VSE’s Victim Care team says: “We know how vital it is for victims and their families that a victim support presence is physically seen and felt, and we want to continue to build that trust and confidence between the support services and the public through initiatives like this.”

The new interactive map offers a robust set of features, including:

I. Interactive Map:

Enhanced Filtering System: Our filtering system has been significantly improved, ensuring users receive better search results when seeking specific services.

Code Coloring: Introducing a new code coloring system, denoted by pins on the map, to easily distinguish between organizations serving victims directly and those providing indirect support.

Improved Contact Information Display: We’ve enhanced the display of primary contact information on the map for improved accessibility and ease of use.

II. List of Members (under the map and on the right side):

Alphabetic Country Grouping: We’ve provided a comprehensive list of members, thoughtfully grouped by country for streamlined navigation.

User-Friendly Information Presentation: Introducing a more user-friendly way to present detailed information for each member, ensuring accessibility and clarity.

List of country factsheets produced under INFOVICTIMS III project to provide comprehensive country information on available support services:

Explore our upgraded online map today and discover the services or partners available to you!

The map is available now at and can be accessed on any smartphone or computer.

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