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APAV Launches Campaign to Mark 50th Anniversary of April 25th Revolution + Other News

Dylan Power

Tuesday, June 25th 2024

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APAV is marking the 50th anniversary of the revolution of 25 April 1974 with a new campaign with the slogan ‘Democracy is freedom for all’. This campaign recalls the importance of freedom and the right of all people to live without fear and violence. APAV is marking a milestone from the past (25 April), celebrating the present (50 years) and opening the door to a future with freedom for all. When a person is the victim of crime or violence, their freedom is taken away. APAV works every day to support and protect the rights of victims of crime and violence in Portugal. The campaign was creatively developed by the agency Solid Dogma.

APAV Publishes Statistical Data: Male Victims of Domestic Violence 2021-2023

The Portuguese Association for Victim Support has published the APAV Statistics | Male Victims of Domestic Violence 2021-2023, with data on support processes carried out in person, by telephone, e-mail and online, between 2021 and 2023. Although the prevalence of domestic violence is much higher among women, men are also victims of this crime. Between 2021 and 2023, APAV recorded a total of 2,598 adult male victims of domestic violence, an increase of 38.8 per cent between 2021 and 2023. Of the 5,146 domestic violence offences committed against men, the most significant was threats/coercion (n=1,661; 32.3%), followed by insults/defamation (n=1465) and physical abuse (n=1368).

APAV Marks LGBTI+ Pride Month

APAV marks LGBTI+ Pride Month reminding that it is essential to end, minimise and raise awareness of the impact of discriminatory attitudes and behaviour motivated by identity characteristics. APAV provides specialised, free and confidential services to LGBTI+ people who have been victims of any form of crime or violence, whether or not motivated by gender identity, sexual characteristics and/or sexual orientation. With pride, without prejudice.

Roundtable of the 2Gether4Victims Project

On 8 May, APAV held a round table at the Cidade de Lisboa Foundation, with the aim of validating the results of an investigation into the support provided to victims of domestic violence. This event was promoted as part of the European project 2Gether4Victims, managed by Victim Support Europe and co-financed by the European Union, and was organised by APAV with FEM – Feministas em Movimento.

APAV Inaugurates New Victim Support Office

On 7th May, APAV opened a new Victim Support Office in the city of Peniche. The opening of the office follows a collaboration protocol signed between Peniche Town Council and APAV, with the aim of creating qualified, specialised and humanised support for victims of any type of crime, their families and friends. With the opening of this new service, APAV has extended its national network to 83 local services, including Victim Support Offices, Mobile Victim Support Teams, Itinerant Service Centres, Specialised Networks, Shelter Homes, an Integrated Distance Support System and a Safer Internet Helpline.

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